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This database is so convenient. The changeable categories is what makes it easy to see what jobs I think maybe be better for me to look into over others.

Knowing the exact date a role was posted on a company site is a small, but much appreciated detail on here that sets apart from other job boards!

Love it.

Christine Mais

Startup Marketer and Podcast Host


Comprehensive curated list of startup jobs across all positions, industries, and location - there is a wealth of information here and is a great starting point for those looking to join a startup!

Leo Lu

Investor and Podcast Host



Save Hours of Searching

Business Insider, AngelList, LinkedIn and other companies list their top startups of every year.

Historically it would take hours if not days to sift through all of the jobs at these top startups.

We aggregate the jobs from all of these companies so you can find your dream job faster!

Focus on what YOU care about

Filter by location, department, job title, company and more.

Find the exact job that you want at the best companies around.

There are over 200 companies and 6000 jobs on the database to choose from.

Never miss an opportunity

Stay updated on the job that you want.

Every week we go through the top startups job postings and update the database. Historically we have found we add over 500 new jobs to the database every week.

One of the easiest ways to standout in your job application is to be the first to apply. We make it easy for you to do that!

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How many startups are in the database?

Currently, there are over 250 companies in the database. As we review other publications we will continue to add to this list. The list will get closer to 400 companies by the time it is complete.

Is the data always up-to-date?

All data is updated weekly. We're working on a tier to update more often.

How accurate is the data?

All listings come directly from the companies careers page so it is as accurate as they keep it.